HaemaLogiX focus is the development and commercialisation of novel immuno-oncology and immune-therapies. HaemaLogiX acquired the business and assets of Immune System Therapeutics Ltd and is embarking on a program of several inter-related projects that will validate antigen targets and products.

Two novel drug targets - Kappa Myeloma Antigen (KMA) and Lambda Myeloma Antigen (LMA), have been identified on the surface of human blood cancer and autoimmune cells. These targets are highly specific to abnormal B-cells and have been identified in blood cancers such as multiple myeloma (MM), lymphoma and Waldenstroms macroglobulinemia.

Our program will rationally review and pursue opportunities that will deliver a positive proof of the clinical and financial viability of our assets. These opportunities include:

  • validation of antibodies and CAR-T cells;
  • proof of concept for both Kappa and Lambda antigens; and
  • a good understanding of their clinical utility in treating the selected patient populations

In pursuing these projects we wish to deliver significant and risk mitigated medium term returns to our investors.

Our Vision

To improve the quality of life, and meaningfully extend the survival time, of patients suffering from blood cancers and autoimmune diseases.

Our Values

We bring a professional approach to all aspects of our business
We constantly seek innovative solutions
We are committed to undertaking outstanding, targeted scientific research
We maintain a global view and awareness
We act with integrity towards all our stakeholders
We always act in the best interests of our investors